With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can troubleshoot your engine’s fuel system too. (Image/Carter’s (nee Airtex) YouTube Channel)

Proper fuel pressure is really, really important to an engine. And that’s especially true on today’s computer-controlled, fuel injected cars and trucks, where even a slight hiccup in your air/fuel mix can result in misfires, lower MPGs, poor starting, and a host of other (potentially serious) problems.

So, if you’re suspect you having issues with your fuel system. A pressure test is often the best place to start looking.

Problem is, since fuel pressure is such an exact science, you absolutely need to follow the correct testing procedures for a proper diagnosis. The good news? Checking your engine’s fuel pressure isn’t that tough, provided you’ve got the right fuel pressure test tools and training.

That’s why we like this video from the fuel pump pros at Carter (who purchased Airtex). It’s only about five minutes long, yet contains a detailed, thorough walkthrough of how to correctly test your car or truck’s fuel pressure.

Think you’ve got fuel pressure problems? It’s definitely worth checking out: