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Video: Jeff Smith Shows How to Use a Summit Racing LS Engine Harmonic Balancer Installation & Puller Tool

(Image/Jeff Smith’s Garage)

If you’ve ever tried to remove the stock harmonic balancer on a GM LS engine, you know that a standard harmonic balancer removal tool isn’t going to work. Thanks to the design of the damper, you’ll need a special puller tool to get the job done right.

…And that’s exactly why Summit Racing offers its special Harmonic Balancer Puller and Installer Kit for GM LS engines. This will work on every engine in the GM LS family, regardless of whether it’s under the hood of a Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Hummer, Pontiac, or any other vehicle running an LS motor.

If you’ve already got the harmonic balancer off and just need to reinstall it, you can use this one designed for stock-style dampers, or this one which can make any install a breeze.

Even better, friend of OnAllCylinders Jeff Smith will show you exactly how these tools work to remove and install harmonic dampers on GM LS engines. Check out the video below and if you like what you see, you should subscribe to the Jeff Smith’s Garage YouTube Channel, because there are plenty more videos where this came from.

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