Available in several configurations, these handy brackets are a quick, easy way to add some nearby buttons to your race car’s steering wheel. (Image/Summit Racing)

Put vital accessory control right where you want it using Summit Racing’s Steering Wheel Button Brackets.

Handy for things like a trans brake, delay box, line lock, nitrous activation, and pretty much anything else (sorry, no ejector seat) that requires a momentary or latching button, these anodized aluminum brackets secure to the back of your steering wheel and ensure your race car’s vital electronic controls are close at hand.

They come with pre-drilled holes for plenty of mounting options too. (Image/Summit Racing)

Even if you’re not building a race car, these clever brackets are good for custom interiors and hot rod builds as well, allowing you to move accessory buttons to your steering wheel, so you won’t have to clutter up your dashboard or drill holes in an original console.

The 0.625-inch hole is sized for most common buttons, and you can opt for a bracket with either single or dual button holes. Mounting hardware (machine screws with nylock nuts) is included.

Oh, and if you’re looking for switches to use in these brackets, Summit Racing’s got an assortment of Spiral Cord Switches that’ll work great too. (Image/Summit Racing)