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Video: How to Measure Ride Height & Other Suspension Install Tips You Need to Know

(Image/Eibach USA’s YouTube Channel)

If you’ve been following along with Summit Racing’s Tesla Model 3 White Lightning build, you know the Summit Racing folks upgraded its suspension with Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs.

And since lowering springs are a very common upgrade that a lot of folks perform to their vehicles, we thought it’d be a good idea to dive deeper into the topic.

So we found this great video from Eibach that’s packed with handy lowering spring installation tips to help your suspension upgrade go smoothly. Even better, Eibach’s video starts out with a tutorial on how to properly measure your vehicle’s ride height.

Be it for looks or for performance, if you’re lowering your suspension, knowing your current (factory) ride height is vital to ensuring that your drop won’t be too low—a suspension that’s too low often results in poor suspension control or, worse yet, damage to low-hanging parts like oil pans and sway bars.

The video’s only a minute long, but doesn’t skimp on the details. Even if you’re an experienced suspension tech, it’s worth a watch as there are some clever suspension install tricks that you may find useful. Check the video out below:

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