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Video: Understanding the Differences Between Ball Bearings & Tapered Bearings

In the video, you’ll see some cutaways and learn some use cases for each bearing type. (Image/Currie Enterprises’ YouTube Channel)

Work around axles, transmissions, or driveshafts long enough and you’ll undoubtedly hear the terms Ball Bearing and Tapered Bearing come up quite a bit.

And while they’re each useful in specific applications, there are some key differences between the two, and those differences often dictate what they’re best used for.

If you’ve got three minutes, this quick explainer video from the axle aces at Currie Enterprises gives you a closer look at each of these bearing types, and describes some applications in which each will work the best.

It’s a good watch if you’re building a race car, hot rod, or off-roader that’s going to see more stress and harsher environments than, say, a daily commuter. Check it out below:

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