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OnAllCylinders Podcast (Ep. 8): Drag Racing Legends Jim Oddy and Fred Hahn

Pro Modified legend Jim Oddy has dominated just about every way possible on the dragstrip. Since his racing debut in the late-1960s, he’s won races, broken records, and earned championships. He’s been a championship driver, crew chief, and team owner. And when Jim wasn’t winning races, chances are his engines were. Jim’s engine shop has supplied powerplants to some of drag racing’s top teams.

In 1989, Fred Hahn joined the team as driver and the duo enjoyed unparalleled success. Hahn earned multiple IHRA Pro Modified championships and set many records as part of Jim Oddy’s team. He was named Pro Mod Driver of the Year in 2000 and 2002.

Now Jim Oddy and Fred Hahn are back at it on the dragstrip…but in a completely different type of racing! Listen to the podcast episode for the details!


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