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Video: How Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System Works

The Vintage Air folks give you a simple breakdown of A/C components and how they work to make your car, truck, or hot rod’s cabin comfy. (Image/Vintage Air’s YouTube Channel)

As summer heats up, many of us reach for the A/C controls to keep our cars, trucks, and SUVs nice and cool.

But have you ever thought about how this magical frosty factory works?

The chill champs over at Vintage Air made this super informative (and super quick) video that’ll show you exactly what happens in your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make that oh-so-welcome blast of cool air.

It’s fully animated, just three minutes long, and gives you plenty of insight. Check it out below.

(And Vintage Air’s got a ton of other informative videos on its YouTube Channel, so you may want to subscribe and watch some more.)

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