Don’t chop up your factory harness, just use these easy plug-n-play solutions. (Image/Summit Racing)

It’s common for gearheads to embark on a header install, engine swap, or other motor/exhaust upgrades without giving much thought to oxygen sensors. Then halfway through the job, they realize that their original wiring harness can no longer reach the O2 sensors on the exhaust system. (Ever swap-in a set of long tube headers? Then you’ve probably seen this movie already.)

That’s why Summit Racing’s Oxygen Sensor Extension Harnesses can be so flippin’ handy.

No cutting or splicing, just plug ’em in to the factory connectors to get that critical extra foot or two of length, so you can reach your O2 sensors without stretching the factory harness to its limit.

You should never have wires that are pulled taut, it puts significant stress on your wiring harness—regardless of what you’re hooking up, always allow for some slack in the wiring.

In addition to header installs, these extension harnesses can be incredibly helpful for engine swaps that demand a non-traditional exhaust routing. Or if you’re retrofitting an aftermarket turbocharger system.

Summit Racing currently makes oxygen sensor extension harnesses for popular Mopar, Ford (4- and 6-pin), and GM (including early LS) applications.