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Parts Bin: Restore Your Sagging Tailgate, Hood, Trunk, Backglass, or Hatch with Stabilus Lift Supports

Getting bonked on the head from a sagging tailgate hatch? Stabilus has a cure for that… (Image/Summit Racing)

If you’ve been dealing with a tailgate or hood that won’t stay up, it’s probably due to a fatigued strut support.

And while replacing failed hood, hatch, and trunk supports used to mean an expensive trip to the dealership, now you can get OE-quality lift supports from the company that’s…well, an OE supplier.

Stabilus has been in the automotive OEM game for a long time, and its gas struts have been used on countless cars, trucks, and SUVs.

That means there’s a good chance that Stabilus has the right lift support for your ride—made to the same demanding specs as the OE manufacturer because, again, they’re an OE manufacturer too.

And Stabilus offers more than traditional gas struts and lift supports, it makes power door assists and supports for today’s fancy automatic tailgates and such.

So if you’re worried about being Christine’d by a falling hood, hatch, backglass, trunk, or door, it is worth the effort to replace your old, troublesome lift support. And Stabilus makes it easier (and probably cheaper) than going to the dealership.

You can search for the lift support you need by first determining where it’s being used, then you can narrow down your search by your specific vehicle make/model.

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