These handy Wrench Extenders essentially turn your wrench into a breaker bar, calling on Archimedes and his principles of a lever’s mechanical advantage to get your nuts and bolts un-stuck. (Image/Summit Racing)

OK, show of hands: Who’s guilty of slipping a long pipe or jack handle over a wrench to get more torque on a stubborn bolt or nut?

No shame—we’ve all done it.

But that method can be cumbersome and imprecise, resulting in plenty of busted knuckles, rounded nuts, and bent jack handles. That’s why we are quite fond of these handy Wrench Extenders from Mueller Kueps. They’re simple to use; just slip one over the handle of most traditional-style wrenches and you’re able to multiply your torque.

These Wrench Extenders boast a wonderfully simple design, and they work with most wrench types—including offsets and Allen keys. (Image/Summit Racing)

Better yet, Mueller Kueps Wrench Extenders let you slip your wrench into tight spaces, where you may not be able to get in with a socket and a cheater bar—and certainly not an impact gun. And, since the extenders will likely work with most (if not all) of your existing wrenches, you don’t have to buy all-new tools, saving you a ton of money.

They’re made from drop-forged chromoly steel and come in three sizes: