Here’s a Painless Trail Rocker kit made for the Jeep Wrangler JK. The JK kits can come with a nice molded dash panel (black or tan) that’ll snug right into the dash like a factory install. (Image/Summit Racing)

Off-roaders and Overlanders like to outfit their rigs with a lot of electrical accessories. We’re talking winches, auxiliary lights, mobile radios, refrigerators, aquariums, waffle makers, pinball machines…you get the idea.

Problem is, all those electrical accessories often result in a mess of wires and switches stretched willy-nilly around the cabin. Not only does that look gross, it’s confusing to operate and makes troubleshooting electrical issues a headache.

But the electrical experts at Painless Performance have a nifty solution. Its Trail Rocker Switch Panels clean all that wiring up and give you a single rocker panel that contains all of your accessory switches. The panels come in 4-, 6-, and 8-switch configurations, and there are options for mounting your panel flush with the dash, in a standalone box, or on a roll bar.

The switches are easy to hook up and the kits include color-coded wire to ensure your wire management stays organized. Painless even supplies you with wire tires and dielectric grease to finish the job.

And! If you’re a Wrangler JK owner, Painless goes one step further with Trail Rocker Systems designed specifically for the Jeep JK. These JK kits include an underhood mounting box that houses your relays and fuses, and you can either use your own rocker switches or get a kit that comes with a handy switch panel that fits precisely in your JK Wrangler’s dash.