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Parts Bin: Take a Workspace Anywhere You Need it with a Performance Tool Multipurpose Folding Workbench

This portable workbench been hammered on, sawed on, painted on, and glued on for close to a decade—yet it still comes back for more. (Image/OnAllCylinders – Paul Sakalas)

Work never happens exclusively in a garage or workshop, which means, at some point, you’ve probably had to lug tools out to a backyard, dock, campsite, or some other remote location. And if that sounds familiar, then you already know how valuable a flat, stable workbench can be when you’re out there.

That’s why we’re big fans of this Multipurpose Folding Workbench from Performance Tool. It’s a handy platform that’s sturdy enough to hold lumber, car parts, or power tools while you cut, grind, or paint, yet it’s still portable enough for field work. The working platform is pretty durable too, making it ideal for jobs that require a strong, flat surface. And it’s got an integrated clamp with movable staked jaws that’s perfect for clamping lumber, keeping parts stable, or securing other heavy stuff.

Here’s what they look like before you beat on ’em for a few years. (Image/Summit Racing)

But what’s really neat is that it’s collapsible, so you can fold it up, and toss it in the bed of a truck or hang it on the wall of your garage. It’s not heavy either, so no big deal if you need to lug it across a few lawns.

  • Building a deck? Check.
  • Bench bleeding a master cylinder? Double check.
  • Soldering coax and assembling antennas? Triple check.

Basically it’s a good, affordable solution for folks who need a (relatively) sturdy portable work table or if you’re short on space, but still want a workbench in your garage.

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