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Rev-up Your Barbeques with a V8 Engine Gas Grill & Our 5 Quick n’ Easy Steak Grilling Tips

Goes zero to delicious in a matter of minutes. (Image/Summit Racing)

Every year as spring rejuvenates the landscape, we welcome the sounds of chirping birds, laughing kids, a far-off lawnmower…

…And the inviting, come-hither sizzle of food on the grill.

So if you love hot rods as much as you like to eat, why not toss your burgers, brats, filets, wings, and kabobs onto a V8 Engine Gas Grill. Modeled after a typical small block motor, this propane-powered grill has authentic details like zoomie headers, an air cleaner, and ignition wiring. Its hinged lid gives you wide access to the two-zone cooking area.

The V8 Engine Gas Grill comes with an engine stand, locking casters, and a cover. The only thing you’ll need to supply is an ordinary propane tank. Oh, and the food. So…what’s for dinner?


5 OnAllCylinders Steak Grilling Tips

To ensure your hotrod barbeque stages correctly, here are five basic steak grilling tips from the staff here at OnAllCylinders.


  1. Thaw Your Steaks Completely
    This is an obvious one that somehow is often overlooked. Make sure your streaks are completely thawed and dang-near room temperature before you toss ’em on the grill.
  2. Season Your Steaks, but Don’t Go Nuts
    A walk down the spice aisle will show you that there’s no lack of fancy steak seasonings available. But talk to a steakhouse chef, and they’ll likely say large-grain sea salt and fresh pepper is all you need. Add salt a few hours ahead of time, which will keep your steaks from drying out as you cook.
  3. Maintain 2 Heat Zones
    Perhaps the most accepted steak grilling practice is to quickly sear the outside of the steak at high heat, then move the meat to a (relatively) cooler area of the grill to let it cook-through. Plan for this in advance, and have the “cool” section ready.
  4. Leave Your Steaks Alone While Cooking
    Admittedly, we’re guilty of this one. Aside from transferring them to the other heat zone, a flip or two, and a few temperature checks, you shouldn’t be messing with your steaks while they cook. Leave the grill lid closed to prevent heat from escaping—and be patient.
  5. Don’t Guess: Use a Meat Thermometer
    Just like you use a torque wrench when assembling an engine, trust a quality meat thermometer to ensure your steak temps are in spec. The meat maestros at Omaha Steaks have a handy illustration that’ll show you how steak temperature relates to “done-ness.”
Most quality grills have multiple burners to give you precise control over grill temps. (Image/Summit Racing)


Do you have any grilling tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Always wanted this Grille…… So I just ordered one.{my own Birthday & Christmas present!}WTF?

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