Show Off & Win Prizes: The DeBoss Garage InterNETional Car Show Returns for 2021

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In 2020, Rich and Aaron from DeBoss Garage hosted really cool online car show, the DeBoss Garage International Quarantine Car Show. Open to gearheads from all over the planet, it raised over $11,000 for Doctors Without Borders and had so many entries and voters, it actually broke the DeBoss Garage website.  

Well, Rich and Aaron are doing it again.

The 2021 Deboss Garage InterNETional Car Show has more categories, bigger prizes, and more extra fun surprises than last year, increasing your chances of winning fame and cool stuff. Deadline for submissions is March 26, details at the bottom of this post.

The Deboss Garage InterNETional Car Show has 14 categories (see ’em below) judged by some awesome car people. You can vote for the top 25 entries in each category with the judges choosing the winners from those picks.

The top 25 vehicles as picked by the voters go to the final round where the Megaboss, Second Boss, and Third Boss winners will be chosen. Category and Boss winners will be featured in an award show video on the DeBoss Garage YouTube channel. Here’s the video from last year’s show:

And oh, the prizes. There are goodies for each show category winner, and Summit Racing Gift Cards for the show finalists: $2,000 for the Megaboss Grand Champion, $1,000 for Second Boss, and $500 for Third Boss. There will be lots of prize giveaways during the show as well.

2021 Deboss Garage InterNETional Car Show Categories



Our English friends at Bad Obsession Motorsports want to see the brackets, hold-downs, and other ingenious doodads you made to hang stuff on your vehicle.


Al and Woody from the Skid Factory want to see awesome DIY engine swaps done on teeny-tiny budgets. Diesels in anything are welcome.

Fastest Buck

Brent at PFI Speed is looking for the best horsepower bang for the buck—big or not-so-big power on a tight budget.


Who better than Nick Welker from Welker Farms to judge big bad vehicles designed to do big bad jobs on the farm? Nobody we know.

Hot Lap Hero

Dave and Peter over at Speed Academy are looking for cars built to rip it at the track, streetability be damned.

Mad Props

You guessed it—Emily and Eric from Flying Sparks Garage wants to see your boats, airplanes, and other contraptions that use a propeller to get about.

Most Factree

Up is down in this category. Vice Grip Garage is back looking for vehicles that have anything but factory options on them—spray bomb paint jobs, missing parts, vice grip shifter handles, and so forth.

Power Trip

Did you build a vehicle that can be driven around the world—or at least across the country? Short Ben and Tall Ben from Gears and Gasoline will be the judge of that.

Revive N Drive

Kevin and Ruth from Junkyard Digs want to see how you resurrected some metal from the dead and make it road-worthyish.

Roast Me

Mr. Regular at Regular Car Reviews wants to see your personality shine in your ride. He might not make fun of it—ah, who are we kidding?

Stunt Man

Donuts, burnouts, rocking horses, and yes, neutral drops are what impress the denizens of Neutral Drop. Add some money to your tire budget.

Super Modified

The somewhat world famous Tavarish wants to see nice, cleanly built cars with beastly powertrains under the hood.

Tuner Taste

Sarah N Tuned’s Sarah will be choosing the most happening tuner car based on both build quality and how much of the work you, the owner, actually did.


DeBoss Garage’s own Black Jack is looking for kit cars and weirdo builds you think are the Greatest Cars in the World. Fiberglass, bondo, and spray foam encouraged.


You can also purchase soon-to-be-coveted ICS 2021 apparel, with all proceeds from sales going to All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities around the globe by building safe schools, homes and other infrastructure.

How to Enter & Vote in the DeBoss Garage InterNETional Car Show

  1. Visit the Deboss Garage InterNETional Car Show website to submit your ride and tell the judges all about it and the modifications. Photos are required, video is a big plus. You can submit your vehicle into as many categories as you like. Deadline for submissions is March 26
  2. Wander through all of the entries and choose your favorites. Voting is open until April 2.
  3. Cross your fingers and hope you and/or the cars you voted for are winners.

There are a ton of entries already posted on the InterNetional Car Show website, so spend the rest of your waking hours looking them over and voting for your favs.

Good luck and may the best rides win!

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