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Video: Understanding a Direct Injection Engine & How it Affects Your Motor Oil

A direct injection engine places unique stresses on your oil—learn why in these videos. (Image/Driven Racing Oil’s YouTube Channel)

In the name of fuel efficiency, many auto manufacturers have gone to a direct injection engine design. That means the fuel injector nozzle is inside the combustion chamber, spraying fuel directly onto the piston head.

While this setup has some advantages, it can have some adverse effects on your motor oil.

The lube legends over at Driven Racing Oil created a video series that quickly explains direct injection engines and the demands they place on your engine oil. Check out part one and part two below.

Part One:

Part Two:

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  1. Direct injection is nothing new,it’s been around since the 30s-40s.The main fear of oil delusion is crankcase explosion!
    Yes it can happen, during WW2 a lot of fighter planes were direct injection (along with other military vehicles)A lot of Diesel Engines were direct injection,again Crankcase Explosions.
    Blow the oil pan right off or the sides of the block out,[you don’t want to be around] Also they forgot to mention that there’s different size Nozzles(spray tips) for injectors,just for this reason, At least when I worked in a injector shop in the Navy.We would rebuild and calibrate fuel pumps and injectors.

  2. Daniel Wilson says:

    Gosh Lake Speed Jr., I guess modern technology can bring about new modern problems as well. Thinking about my engine oil being diluted by unburned fuel that didn’t vaporize properly before the ignition event makes me very sad. I’m certainly not an expert like you are Mr. Speed, but since this potentially disastrous situation isn’t the result of something being broken, then there’s nothing I can do to fix it. However, I will venture out on a limb and take a wild guess and say that I can fight this dreaded condition called oil dilution by changing my engine oil more frequently. Perhaps every 1000 miles instead of my usual scheduled 3000 mile oil change intervals. Of course I should use your favorite brand of engine oil for that extra measure of protection. That’s wonderful advice because my faith in modern technology will be restored and engine oil dilution will no longer make me sad !

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