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Parts Bin: Wilwood Electric Parking Brake Rear Retrofit Kits Are a Smart Way to Ensure Your Vehicle Stays Put

Wilwood’s parking brake calipers are a supplement to the brake system’s main calipers and activated by a simple turn of a switch. (Image/Wilwood)

Whether you’re tired of fiddling with a seized mechanical parking brake or looking for a smart way to add a parking brake to your rear disc brake conversion, Wilwood’s got a clever solution.

Its Electronic Parking Brake Rear Retrofit Brake Kits let you swap-out the old mechanical cable and lever system with a modern electric caliper and controller. Not only does that eliminate the hassle of a seized cable, it lets you set the parking brake with a simple twist of a switch.

They’re also handy for adding a parking brake to a rear disc brake retrofit kit that didn’t already have one.

Wilwood’s got universal kits that’ll work with rotors from 0.81″ to 1.10″ thick. But you’ll have to make your own custom caliper mounting brackets to fit your specific vehicle application. You can read a set of example install instructions to see what’s involved in putting a kit on your ride.

Wilwood’s electronic parking brake kits include most of what you’ll need to finish the retrofit: a pair of small electronic calipers, wiring harness, switch, and controller module. You’ll need to fabricate custom caliper mounting brackets for your specific application though. (Image/Wilwood)
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  1. Need a part number for the 1.10″ kit.

  2. Does this kit draw power from my battery while it is set? If so how much? Will I need a deep cycle type battery?

    • Hey G Big. We reached out to the fine folks at Wilwood to get you an answer, and here’s what they said:

      “The parking brake kit only draws power when the parking brake switch is toggled and the calipers clamp the rotors or release. There is a small amount of power draw from an LED light on the switch itself (wired to an accessory/key-on power source) when the key is turned on. If you engage the parking brakes and remove the battery (or lose power) the brakes will stay engaged until the power source has been restored and the switch is toggled off, releasing the brakes.”

  3. Wong Kam Choi says:

    Dear Sir
    We would like ask you which model car suitable install this kit?
    Thank you for technical support in advance.
    Boo Wong

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