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Jeep Introduces Half Doors as a New Option on 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL

Jeep fans rejoice: the Wrangler’s beloved half doors are back! (Image/Stellantis)

When the new Jeep Wrangler JL debuted in 2017 as a 2018 model, Jeep enthusiasts were quick to embrace it. The Wrangler JL was the perfect replacement for the much-loved JK, introducing plenty of new features, without giving up a stitch in the style or capabilities department.

Except for one tiny detail…

The doors. A big reason folks buy a Jeep Wrangler is to enjoy open-air driving. Yet the new JL bowed with only full-frame steel doors—which somewhat limited that experience.

Not any more. Jeep just introduced a set of official Mopar half doors available for both two- and four-door Wrangler models. But at this time, you can only get them with a new vehicle purchase. When you tick the “Dual-Door Group” on the Wrangler’s option sheet, the full doors will be installed when the Jeep is delivered, and your extra half doors will be tucked nicely in the back.

The Jeep doors will be similar to those Jeep’s offered for past Wrangler generations, with detachable upper widow assemblies. There are two door variants, based on whether you’re purchasing a Jeep with a hard top or a soft top.

Jeep says you can swap the doors in just a few minutes.

There are two versions of the half doors, the base model doors feature upper halves made of the vinyl soft top material to match soft top-equipped Jeeps, the premium model doors feature upper portions made of acrylic to match a hard top. (Image/Stellantis)

While the doors are only available with the purchase of a new Wrangler for now, we wouldn’t be surprised if they became available to current Wrangler JL owners soon (especially because a certain horse-themed off-roader is bringing its own pillarless doors to party this year).

You can get the full scoop on these new half doors in the official press release from Jeep.

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