Keep your welding tools safe and secure with this innovative and non-conductive gun holder. (Image/Summit Racing)

Every once in a while, a tool comes along that forces you to ask “How’d I ever get along without this?”

And if you’re a welder, we think the MiG Buddy Welding Gun Holder is one of them.

It’s a quick, easy way to secure your welding gun. You can mount it practically anywhere, either permanently or temporarily. It comes with a handy U-bolt bracket so you can attach it right to your welding cart, or you can add an optional MiG Buddy Magnetic Base and secure it directly on your welding table or closer to the job you’re working on—right within arm’s reach.

The MiG Buddy Welding Gun Holder is made from industrial-strength, non-conductive plastic, which means it isolates your gun from its mounting location. The holder itself features specialized saddles designed precisely for cradling a MIG welding gun and cable lead.

Not only does this keep your welding gun safe and secure, it can help prevent accidental injuries.

Oh, and it’s bright flippin’ yellow too, highly visible so you know exactly where to reach for your welding gun when you need it.

So if you’re one of those welders who’s constantly setting their welding gun precipitously close to the edge of a workbench, this handy MiG Buddy Welding Gun Holder could save you a ton of potential frustration from broken tools and work delays.

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