Not just for race cars! George from Australia was nice enough to show us how he installed his Summit Racing shifter riser in a finished custom interior. He wrapped his in a carbon fiber-look decal sheet to match his B&M shifter. (Image/Summit Racing)

Ever miss a shift because you were fumbling for your race vehicle’s transmission shifter lever? Maybe it’s sitting too low because you had to secure it directly to the floor of your race car?

Well friend, that’s why the Summit Racing folks cooked up their Floor Mount Shifter Platforms.

These delightfully simple shifter platforms raise your shifter up off the floor, closer to your reach. (And they may even mitigate some heat soak coming into the shifter from a hot race car floor.)

They come in two basic styles:

The non-adjustable shifter platforms are available in either 3.5″ or 5″ tall designs and simply bolt-on with standard hardware. Both models are made from a single piece of 0.09″ thick aluminum.

This is the non-adjustable model. You simply bolt it to the floor of your race vehicle to bring the shift lever closer to your grip for more confident shifts.
(Image/Summit Racing)

Summit Racing’s adjustable shifter platform models feature a pedestal design that’s adjustable from 4″ to 8″ high via a quick-release pin. The platform, base, and pedestal are made from mild steel.

For the adjustable version, you have your choice of bolt-on or weld-on models. (The weld-on version is really handy for racers running a tube chassis or driveshaft loop.)
(Image/Summit Racing)

Whatever you choose, all options feature a 3″ x 8″ platform, which should accommodate most common automatic shifter models. Minor drilling and fabrication will be required for installation.