Nowadays, it seems like our garages are crammed with daily drivers, project cars, riding mowers, and maybe even a motorcycle or ATV. So if you’re in charge of your own private motor pool, the gauge gurus over at AutoMeter have a trio of tools you should have in your shop:

  • A Battery Extender
  • A Jumpstart Pack
  • A Tire Pressure Gauge

BEX Series Battery Extenders

Vehicle batteries are expensive, so it makes sense to get the most life out of yours. That’s why AutoMeter’s BEX Series Battery Extenders are so handy. Not only do they keep your batteries charged and ready to go, they’ll help maintain your battery’s service life, so you’re not replacing batteries every year.

A battery charger/maintainer is a must if you do any long-term vehicle storage. The AutoMeter BEX 5000 Battery Extender here even has handy quick-release clips so you don’t have remove the battery from the vehicle. (Image/AutoMeter)

Tire Pressure Gauges

Tires lose one to two PSI for every 10° F decrease in temperature—and that’s on top of the one to two PSI they normally lose due to leakage around the rim or valve stem. That’s why you need a quality tire pressure gauge like the ones AutoMeter makes. Better yet, get a couple—one for the garage and one to have with you on trips, racing, or off-roading.

Tire pressure is critical. If you don’t check and adjust it as needed, you won’t get the traction, ride quality, or tire life you expect. (Image/AutoMeter)

E-POWER 800 Power Pack

AutoMeter’s E-POWER 800 jumpstart pack can be a lifesaver if you’ve got a dead battery and no one’s around. It’s got enough juice to jumpstart a battery up to 20 times on a single charge.

You can also use its USB ports to charge things like a smartphone or GPS device, making the E-Power 800 pretty darn handy for camping and random power outages.

It’s always smart to carry around jumper cables, but a self-contained jumpbox like this can be even smarter for jumping your car when no one’s around. (Image/AutoMeter)