If you need more spark energy for V6-powered Mopar, send out for an SOS!

No, not THAT kind of SOS. We’re talking about Davis Unified Ignition’s Sultan of Spark (SOS) Pentastar Ignition Coil Packs. They feature advanced technology to pack more electrifying voltage into them for pure ignition performance. The SOS (Sultans of Spark) ignition coils are designed with increased windings to boost spark output up to 40,000 V! That is a 60 percent increase in spark energy over the 25,000 V produced by the stock ignition coils.

The higher voltage, along with an increased spark duration, allows spark plug gaps to be opened up. The larger gap exposes a hotter spark in the combustion chamber for an increased burn of the fuel mixture, resulting in more horsepower and better fuel economy.  You can learn more in this video submitted for Summit Racing’s Performance Parts Expo!