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Parts Bin: Add HK Magnum Aluminum Wheels to Your Classic Muscle Car for Retro Style with a Modern Twist

HK Magnum Wheels
HK Magnum Wheels (Image/Holley)

It’s amazing the kind of improvement a new set of wheels can make to a ride—even more so when they’re as sleek and attractive as the HK Magnum series aluminum wheels from Holley.

Manufactured from single-piece cast aluminum, these wheels offer a fast way to boost the appearance of 1960s and 70s era muscle cars with classic looks in a larger, more modern 17-inch diameter. The wheels are available in widths of 6, 7, 8, and 9 inches—each of which is available in 5×4.50 and 5×4.75 bolt patterns—making them well-suited to a wide range of classic Ford, GM, and Mopar muscle cars.

Each HK Magnum rim includes inserts finished in a glossy black powdercoat, while the outer face and diamond-machined lip are clearcoated for durability and low maintenance.

The chromed polymer cone-style center features a prominent HK decal. Of course, if you’d rather use your own custom decal, that isn’t an issue—the center piece comes uninstalled, making it easy to do so.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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  1. How much for a set for a 64 Buick Skylark
    Need 8″ rears and 7″ fronts
    In a 15″ rim ? Shipped to Alberta Canada

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