A good lug nut wrench protects your wheels, while mitigating arm and back strain.
(Image/Summit Racing)

Whether it’s for a holiday or birthday, this Tools Under 30 Dollars Gift Guide Series shows you important, yet somewhat uncommon, tools that any gearhead would want.

Today, let’s talk about Lug Nut Wrenches.


Ever had the trainee at the tire shop torque your lug nuts to 300,000 ft.-lbs.? Then you know how tough it is to remove them—especially if you’re using the little wrench that came with your OE spare tire kit.

And that’s a big deal. Many DIY’ers rely on that tiny tool. But it wasn’t intended for a lot of regular garage use. That means the nut receptacle could wallow out, and you’ll risk rounding your lug nuts.

Plus it was designed to be small, trading its mechanical advantage for a compact size, so your arms and back have to do all the work.

That’s why a specialty lug wrench can be so helpful. You’ll protect your lug nuts, while mitigating muscle strain and fatigue.

Lug nut wrenches come in a few styles, but they all work the same way and offer similar benefits. It’s important to know that lug nuts come in different sizes, so make sure you’re getting one that’s compatible with your ride.

A lot of folks don’t know the advantages of having a dedicated lug nut wrench, so they’re often a smart gift to give and receive. Better still, there’s a good chance you can find a nice one for under 30 bucks.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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