Whether its a weekend in the woods, at the track, or remote jobsite, there’s plenty of gear available to make your camping trip more comfortable.

If you know someone who’s into overlanding or spends an awful lot of time in their car, truck, or SUV, here are some gift ideas that they’ll definitely appreciate.

1. AirBedz Original Truck Bed Air Mattresses


Your truck bed, literally, becomes a truck bed with these handy truck bed air mattresses. They’re comfy, they’re durable, and you can get one that’s sized perfectly for your truck. Oh, and they’ve got built-in air pumps, so they inflate in a hurry.

2. AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattresses


Like the originals, these AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattresses are made to be tough and comfortable. The only major differences are that the Lite models are made from PVC instead of the Original’s heavy-duty cloth, and the Lite’s included pump is a separate piece and not built into the mattress.

3. ARB Touring Retractable Awnings with Light Kit


Need shade fast? ARB’s got you covered, literally again, with its retractable awnings. While these are handy for camping, they work equally well at events, shows, pits, worksites, and anywhere else that could benefit from sun and rain protection.

4. Mr. Heater BaseCamp BOSS XCW20 Battery Operated Shower System

(Image/Mr. Heater)

Never underestimate the value of a warm shower. That’s why Mr. Heater lets you take one wherever you want—within reason, of course. Using battery power, a water source, and propane fuel, you can equip your campsite or jobsite with warm water for washing hands, cleaning dishes, and more.

5. Napier Backroadz Truck Tents


Turn your truck bed into a covered shelter. These tents are a great way to build a quick-deployment campsite, especially if you’re facing inclement weather and want to get off the ground fast.

6. Napier Sportz Truck Tents


A bit larger than the Backroadz tents, Sportz tents are a smart choice if you’re taking a lot with you—especially an extra person. You’ve got several tent options that are tailored perfectly to specific truck bed sizes.



Sure it puts out a lot of light. Sure it’s easy to hang in a tent. But the best feature of this lantern is that it can run for 100 hours on just a trio of AAA batteries. It even floats, so it’s a great light to toss in with your rods and tackle.

8. Smittybilt Overlander Tents


Designed to keep you and up to three other people well off the ground, these tents will keep you dry, and away from Mother Nature’s army of curious critters. These tents attach to most roof rack systems and include a built in LED light.

9. Summit Racing Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

(Image/Summit Racing)

Designed to keep your lunch cold and your catches fresh, this 55-liter fridge/freezer is an invaluable addition to your outdoor gear. Since it runs off either 12 Vdc vehicle or 110 Vac household power, this combo unit is handy just about everywhere you go.

10. Thule Tepui Explorer Series Kukenam Tents


These tents have an integrated mattress and are designed for all-weather, all-season endurance. They sleep about three people and are plenty sturdy enough to handle what the weather dishes out.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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