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10 Notable Aftermarket Product Debuts from Summit Racing’s Performance Parts Expo

With the in-person SEMA Show canceled this year, Summit Racing worked together with select manufacturers to put together its first-ever Performance Parts Expo.

Dozens of manufacturers debuted and/or featured their latest products, so we thought we’d highlight a few that caught our attention. Here are 10 for starters:

Baer 13″ Classic Series Brake Kit

Baer has given lots of attention to the Pro Touring and high-end build market over the last few years. There’s no denying the quality of those brake kits, and Baer has included many of the same quality components in a more attainable, budget-friendly kit for resto-modders.

Learn more:

AEM V3 Water Methanol Injection System

AEM has taken its existing 30-3300 V3 water methanol injection kit and made some improvements. Kirk Miller took some time to cover those upgrades in this video:

Summit Racing Pro Twin Clutches

Summit Racing has developed its own line of clutches. And like most Summit-brand products, they combine excellent quality with an attractive price point. Summit Racing Pro Twin clutch kits are designed to hold 700 lbs.-ft. of torque with the organic discs—or up to 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque with the 6-puck cera-metallic discs.

Palmgren Finishing Machine

Any time you can have an industrial-quality machine in your home garage, it’s a winning proposition. Palmgren has introduced a belt finishing machine that runs on 110 volts and delivers outstanding versatility.

Mac’s Monkey Face Multi-Mount

Mac’s Tie-Downs introduced the Monkey Face. This is a versatile multi-mount that fits in your truck’s stake pockets and works with a variety of tie-down hooks. Not only that, they pivot 60 degrees to make securing cargo easier.

Intercomp Wireless Load Stick

Load sticks aren’t new, but Intercomp has introduced a wireless load stick. The sturdy unit goes in place of your shocks and measures downforces and other data so you can fine-tune your suspension. Because it’s wireless, there are no wires or cables to get caught up or break.

Cold Case Radiator 1967-69 Camaro Core Support System

With this system, you get high-quality Cold Case Radiator cooling components in an entire core support system that swaps into your 1967-69 Camaro. The benefits of going this route? We’ll let Dave from Cold Case explain it all in this video, but the advantages are substantial.

Total Seal Gas-Ported Piston Rings

Total Seal’s line of gas-ported piston rings provide superior sealing over non-gas ported rings and deliver advantages over running traditional gas-ported pistons, too.

Aeromotive Drop-In Fuel Pump for S550 Mustang

Aeromotive continues to develop fuel system components that deliver increased performance in a pain-free, drop-in package. Check out what they now have available for 2011-17 Mustangs.

All American Billet Suspension Kit for Chevy 1963-72 Truck

Owners of 1963-72 Chevy and GMC C-Series Trucks can now look to All American Chassis for high performance suspension kits. These kits are designed to make it easy to swap in a modern front suspension for enhanced ride quality and handling in 1963-72 Chevy and GMC Trucks.


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