Depending on the kit, it may include an external regulator, filter & pressure gauge.
(Image/Summit Racing)

In stock trim, your 2011-17 Mustang’s fuel pump is a perfect match for the engine. As you modify and tune for more horsepower though, your fuel pump may struggle to maintain the proper fuel pressure. And that’s true whether you’re running the EcoBoost 4, the Cyclone V6, or a Coyote.

Enter Aeromotive and its Drop-In Fuel Pump Assemblies for the 2011-17 Ford Mustang.

You can get a stock equivalent, or choose from several pumps with increased flow capabilities (up to 1,350 LPH!) to handle the fueling demands of high-power engines.

And, since Ford was nice enough to put an access panel under your rear seats, you probably won’t have to drop the tank to install one.

Depending on the kit, Aeromotive will include an external regulator, filter and pressure gauge too.

Here’s a short video that gives you a closer look at these pumps and a bit of background on Aeromotive too.

Author: Paul Sakalas

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