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Movie Car Showdown (Round 2): Cinderella Joins the Mix!

Cinderella and her carriage has joined our Movie Car Showdown and, in a fit of figurative road rage, she’s run the Batman Tumbler off the road, torched Burt Reynolds and his beloved Bandit (but left the mustache untouched), and went all Cameron on the Ferris Bueller Ferrari.

Of course, we’re not talking about the real princess here. We’re talking about the figurative Cinderella–underdogs in our Movie Car Showdown bracket. These are cars that were seeded low in our bracket (#9, #12, and #14 respectively), but yet somehow pulled off the impossible win.

But were these victories really that improbable…or were we just idiots when we seeded the cars.

We know the likely answer…and we own it.

Still, we managed to end up with some pretty great second-round match-ups thanks to your votes and opinions. Let’s check ’em out:

Round Two Match-Ups (Round of 8)

(#1) American Graffiti: 1932 Ford v.
(#9) Jack Reacher: 1970 Chevelle SS

Part of us would’ve loved to have seen what #16 seed Christine would’ve done to Tom Cruise. But you can’t argue with the #1 seed Amercian Graffiti ’32 Deuce moving on to face the Jack Reacher Chevelle, which treated the Ferris Bueller Ferrari like those two shady valets from the movie.

(#4) Bullitt: 1968 Mustang Fastback v.
(#12) Mad Max: 1973 Falcon XB Interceptor

Do we like awesome cars? Yes. Do we like epic car chase scenes? Heck yes. Do we know which directionthis match-up of Steven McQueen and his Bullitt Mustang against the legendary Mad Max Falcon Interceptor will go? Nope. We can’t wait to see what YOU have to say about it!

(#2) Two-Lane Blacktop: 1955 Chevy v.
(#7) Gone in 60 Seconds: ’67 Shelby GT500

You told us repeatedly the original Eleanor was better…but still moved the ’67 Shelby version to the next round. What will you tell us next: young, long-haired James Taylor is better than old, bald James Taylor? Not likely after watching this movie. But it’s about the car, not Taylor. The #2 ’55 Chevy easily moved ahead in this competition.

(#6) Back to the Future: DMC DeLorean v. (#14) Gumball Rally: 427 Cobra


Great Scott! We knew the DeLorean would win. Doc came back from the future to tell us. What we didn’t necessarily see coming was the lesser known Gumball Rally 427 Cobra taking out the famous Batman Tumbler. To us, it was a bigger surprise than George McFly laying out Biff in the parking lot at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.



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  2. 1,2,4,7,12 are my choices.

  3. 1, 4, 2, 14…..that’s my choice

  4. James Lingenfelter says:

    1,2,4,12 are my choices.
    Need to have a classic final between the 32 Ford and the
    55 chevy.

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