Drag racing legend Don Garlits, 87, plans to pilot his newest electric dragster—Swamp Rat 38—on Saturday at Florida’s Palm Beach International Raceway to a new speed record of 200 miles-per-hour in an all-electric dragster.

Garlits holds the current National Electric Drag Racing Association record of 7.24 seconds at 185.60 mph, which was set in August 2014.

The Swamp Rat 38 weighs 1,000 pounds less than its 2,500-lb. predecessor.

Garlits has a long history of being the first drag racer to hit several major speed barriers, including the 170-, 180-, 240-, 250-, and 270-mph marks.

Hemmings spent time with Garlits during the lead-up to the July 20 speed test, and published an excellent and comprehensive article about the innovations that have gone into these electric dragster builds. You should probably check that out.

Good luck to Garlits and his team. Fast and safe, please.

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