Star in a New TV Car Show with Discovery Casting Call

(Image/Pilgrim Media Group)

North Hollywood, CA-based Pilgrim Studios has put out a casting call for car builders and hot rod shops to audition for a new show to air on Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays.

Pilgrim Media produces popular TV programs Fast N’ Loud and Street Outlaws.

According to Pilgrim Media, “Producers are now searching nationwide for outgoing auto pros like you who are hungry to take their custom build or restoration business to the next level on national television as part of Discovery’s Motor Mondays. Fabricators, mechanics, designers! Hot rods, classic cars or modern!”

You can apply by sending an email to with your names, phone numbers, city/state, recent photos, and a brief explantion for why you and your shop crew are ready for your own television show.

You can also fill out the web form on Pilgrim Media’s casting call page here.

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  1. Bobby Ledford says:

    Hi, I’m Bobby Ledford. I’m from okc, Oklahoma home of the 405 . I’m a custom car builder , harley builder. Fabricator and long time welder for many business in okc. I have ran and worked for many horrid or auto shops here. I now live in phoenix,az. I was in a video on facebook, where I showed colin how to “Chop a model a in two minutes”. I’m wearing a black daddy dave Comstock t shirt. I help a lot of hotrodders in phoenix and most of okc knows me from working on their cars. I know a few of the gas monkey guys indirectly and would make a great working addition to any crew. I’m actually trying to get a crew together myself. I can build engines, gm transmissions and rear-ends. I do a lot of air conditioning too, haha. I grew up in a sprint car family. Street racers too. Crazy fun type of guy with awesome stories and can get some work done when it’s a tight schedule. No drama here just GITRDONE!

  2. Hi Bobby,

    I work on the show, email us the video you mentioned in this message or apply on our website.


  3. App submitted on behalf of JDP Motorsports


  4. Still looking for that one shop that’s different? I recently had a millionaire invest in me so I can show the world my talents. Providing me with a 3600ft shop at no charge as long as we build his toys. I have been in 10 magazine’s on building motorcycles now I can show that I can restore or modify truck and cars also. I do it all mechanic, fabrication to painting. I still consider myself a rookie. Rookie garage? Not afraid of showing my mistakes. That’s how I learn. I’m in the middle of restoring a1965 Chevy truck and will be lowering it 6″ Randy a friend that I’m teaching is a beginner

  5. Hey nice to see world wide other builders making a living do the hard work we do there are few like us that build anything from start to finish a 1 man crew that stays working day and night more so as a passion but reality is we need to make a living pay our bills and take care of our loved ones doing it buy building our customers dream they dream it we build it most all my customers have worked very hard in there lives and I feel good making them happy Working hard to build there dream ride I started building street race cars at 14 buy 18 I already lost my drivers multiple times and got into race bikes Cbr 900 rr race ready as I was tired of cops harassing me then I joined a motorcycle club I was around a couple bike builders long story short 18-28 I built frame up a good 200 bikes race bikes stunt bikes as I got into stunting the street bikes I entered the first SoCal stunt competition at Irwindale speed way on 1 of my 900 rr even had a girlfriend on back down the strip at 100 mph hitting the front break to do a Endo riding on the front tire passing buy 2 rows of bleachers mind you my break pads were tost lol then on to f4is next stunt show I fabricated a wheelie bar no crash cage as I was always confident or didn’t care if I had to repair if a crash lol multiple wheelie bars I grinded threw as I would ride a wheelie then lay it on the wheelie bar and gas it laying sparks like a low rider yes on the freeway yes I would hit the freeway reflectors and rip them off the road and yes I have videos team Lojic series 1 I am the nut with no helmet dragging bar riding 3 people on wheelies over the bars even jumping to top of windscreen when bike was on a wheelie sitting on the drag bar I built best times long story short last 10 years I’ve been doing classic frame off restorations at my ranch in shadow hills ca 15 min from Hollywood I strip them forklift body’s off frames then i put body’s on a big steel table were i media blast them top to bottom inside out then on to metal work fabricating rust repairs door gaps body bushings to get gaps perfect get the car together as I like then strip again paint floors under fenders hood trunk ext if metallic paint I will put car together before I paint hood and trunk can be sprayed hanging as I need the paint Metallics to lay out correct yes last spray coat lower pressure in spray gun around 18 psi and 50 percent overlay plus keep the gun a good 12 inches away from body panels to blend the Metallics consistent I struggled on metallics as all new cars nowadays are metallics in the paint so long story short the shop I was recommended to buy my paint supply from is in sfv ca called Martin auto color it was meant to be verry nice clean paint shop best part a ppg distributor my favorite paint to work with I had a couple issues on a 68 corvair has to respray 3x to get it right they seen my struggle and came to my garage I built also out of 3 40 foot sea containers cut the middles out and opend shop when he Sean my classic car hord and a good handful of classics fully striped blasted and being worked on all on my own he told the owner of the paint shop next was a blessing they sent me to ppg refinishing school I still am certified threw ppg and every classic I do I get to paint time and Jose a verry hard working employee of the Martin auto color paint shop will still mentor me have lunch talk and all out of the love for building cars as he has a classic 51 Chevy truck he loves as through all 15 years prior I sprayed bikes left right race cars movie cars as I still do movie cars for a old school marine who also made his life with cars Hollywood picture cars he started that name in 83 I believe sold the name and never advertised since but still to today has 400 plus motorcycles a dozen 40s Indians my favorite of all bikes period 300 cars now he cut the fleet in half he has so Maney famous movie cars we talk weakley shoot the shit he is better than google for advise on building cars trucks bikes ext he needs a tv show as he is in his early 70s and still hustling movie cars bikes even has a army tank yes it works also hard to find parts he has he never sells only buys at 18 I did my first 5 cars with him 1 chop top we did other 4 custom paint and I built wood floors under the roofs for the band in sink to dance on roofs and not cave them in song was called girlfriend check out our first movie car work if curious it’s been a hard fun job that I feel alive doing as it takes my mind off my childhood and life’s unexpected parents passed young mom told me stay clear of drugs as my sister overdosed on h and my other sister was in a comma 10 years from a horse accident in a polo match in empire polo field in Indio she was my life at 14 I trained horses with here and my mom her clients in the early 80s were selvester stallone mc hammer the main guy from black hawk down also one of the band members from the monkies a guy Leo cazensa were a few she trained 5 horses min for each client long story short she was sponserd and went to a championship polo game women’s league and horse had a heart attack she hit her head never woke up squeezed her friends hand and next ten years we kept her in our home my mom was the best she did all the 3x a day feeding her changing her and I would help also load her in van take to doctors hospital ext long story short cars are my way to disappear from this and mutch more buy keeping my mind occupied building Classics for the most part art cars Army vehicles water trucks monster trucks movie cars all motorcycles all on my own when I picked her truck up from Indeo polo fields after here accident I hit play on her tape player send me a angle played and god is real when I struggle to figure out eather mechanical work or metal work that takes some trial and error you know the song send me a angle plays I mean on the worst times of struggle building she is there to push me alonge all I’m saying is life is short I want to leave behind some bad ass hand built toys for me to be remberd buy. I can go on and on but time to say gnight To the few that work to work to build dreams v&k

  6. Keith Holland shadow hills ca 91040 my contact for anybody out there that has a contact for a show or if you want your dream car built or need picture cars built I’m ready and able happy holiday and to the best new year to all god bless

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