Few cars are more iconic than the ’67 Mustang fastback from “Bullitt.”

Two things made this legendary Mustang cool—a turtlenecked Steve McQueen at the wheel and a set of Torq-Thrusts. We can’t help you be as chill as Steve, but we do carry Carroll Shelby CS-11 Series Wheels to help your late model Mustang look the part.

Like all Carroll Shelby wheels, the CS-11 cast aluminum wheel is manufactured using the flow forming process. It stretches and compresses the wheel’s inner barrel to increase the tensile strength of the aluminum—much more like a forging than a casting. The result is a stronger, lighter wheel with greater shock resistance and greater load capacity than a regular cast aluminum wheel.

The CS-11 looks darn good, too. The five-spoke wheel has a machined outer lip, a raised stiffening rib on each spoke, and Shelby badging. You have a choice of gunmetal, chrome powdercoat, and gloss black spokes. We know which one Lieutenant Bullitt would go for.

It’s the five-spoke wheel made better!

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