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F-150 Fixer Upper: Top 11 Repair Parts for Ford F-150s

Dorman keeps a very sharp eye on what gets fixed or repaired most often on hundreds of vehicles.

Take the venerable and durable Ford F-Series for example.

With over 32 million F-series trucks built since 1948, it’s reasonable to say that Ford has the rugged, reliable truck recipe down cold. But you can keep your Ford F-150 working darn near forever by keeping up on the maintenance and replacing worn or broken parts as necessary with Dorman OE FIX replacement parts.

Dorman’s OE FIX parts are engineered to correct a specific failure in an original equipment part, significantly reduce installation time, and allow replacement of just the failed part instead of a full assembly. That saves you money. And don’t bother looking for these parts from another manufacturer—nobody else but Dorman makes OE FIX parts.

Summit Racing offers Dorman OE FIX replacement parts for failure-prone items on 1996-2018 Ford F-150s—things like exhaust manifolds that crack, brake lines that rust out and leak, and even a door latch cable repair kit for around seven dollars that fixes the problem without replacing the entire door handle assembly. It’s a handy checklist to have when you’re planning preventative maintenance.

A great example of Dorman’s OE FIX engineering is its front axle hub actuator for 2004-15 F-150s with four-wheel drive. The factory actuator is vacuum-operated. The problems occur when the internal diaphragm wears out from regular use, cracks from lack of use, or fails due to poor internal lubrication. Dorman engineers took the vacuum actuation out of the system with the OE FIX Locking Actuator Delete. It fits like the OE part, but creates a solid connection that leaves the front axle in permanent four-wheel drive. This story on Dorman’s Locking Actuator Delete explains how it works in more detail.

Here is a list of the other Dorman OE FIX parts for F-150s (we also found over 1,600 Dorman parts for 1975-2018 Ford F-150s in Summit Racing’s online catalog)

Transmission Shifter Repair Kit, 1997-2018 F-150
• Fuel Pump Relay Module, 2004-15 F-150
Heater Hose Assemblies, 2011-17 F-150
• Exhaust Manifold Kits, 1999-2016 F-150
Camshaft Phaser, 2004-14 F-150 with Modular V8
Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits, 1997-2003 F-150
• Sideview Mirror Puddle Light, 2003-18 F-150
Door Latch Cable Repair Kit, 1992-2018 F-150
Engine Coolant Hose O-Ring, 2011-14 F-150
Ignition Lock Cylinder Kits with Programming Tool, 1996-2010 F-150



  1. Do you have an air bag dash cover in stock for a 2001 F -150

  2. I’m grateful when Dorman is the only source I can find for a part but in cases where I find other alternatives, those tend to cost the same or less and be equal (if not better) quality. IMO Dorman needs to try to be a bit more competitive on parts that aren’t unique to them to gain my business.

    Brake lines though? Unless it’s a show truck during a disassembled (restoration) state, I’d rather just run a length of CuNi I cut to size, rather than having to take half the vehicle apart to get clearance to put pre-bent lines on.

  3. Henry Robinson says:

    What do you have for 2002 f150Harley Davidson parts

  4. Paul Rico says:

    I can’t find a new steering knuckle for a 99 Ranger with coil spring suspension. Driver side .but I would buy both sides if I could find them. New is the key word. Please HELP. .

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