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Parts Bin: CarCapsule USA Vehicle Covers and Enclosures


(Image/CarCapsule USA)

Ever wish you could store your ride in a protective bubble to prevent damage from Mother Nature, kids’ bikes, door dings, and curious critters?

Well, CarCapsule USA vehicle encolsures are basically that same thing.

Whether you store it inside or out, these protective bubbles are the perfect solution for long-term indoor or outdoor storage of your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat.

The large, quick-setup Pro Station is also a great option for mobile car detailing or any business that needs a portable, weather resistant space to work in.

CarCapsule USA makes several variations of its vehicle enclosures, so you can choose the exact size you need and pick the right one for your storage environment (indoor, outdoor, etc.).

There are even special ShowCase versions of the CarCapsule that are tailor-made for car shows and events.

Car Capsule

This is one of CarCapsule USA’s “ShowCase” models, designed for indoor storage and temporary vehicle displays. (Image/CarCapsule USA)

The enclosures include a fan that will inflate the pod and circulate filtered air several times an hour. That will help maintain a consistent temperature while preventing moisture from building-up inside your vehicle.

The 12-volt fan can run on household AC power and CarCapsule says the average cost to run one is about $1.50 a month.

The capsule’s base mat is impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze, and will resist flames, mildew, and abrasion.

The outdoor versions have an opaque bubble which can ward-off the sun’s harmful effects, and keep prying eyes off of your ride.

Better still, the PVC bubble will protect your ride from damage from things like falling rakes, bouncing soccer balls, and tree sap.

Want to see it thwart an onslaught of garage attacks? Check this out:

And you can watch how easy it is to set up a CarCapsule here:


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  1. Jeff Pitman says:

    Nice product,Should be even better than a 20ft cargo container. Is the floor material tear resistant enough to hold a jack stand? Perhaps flat plate under the base ot spread load? We store vehicles for longer than 2months so we put them on stands. Where can we get them?

    • Hey Jeff, you can buy CarCapsule enclosures at Summit Racing, click here to see them all.
      In regard to your jackstand question, we reached out to the folks at CarCapsule to get an answer. Here’s what they told us:

      “CarCapsule products have a heavy-duty chemical-resistant base mat. The base mat is made of 45mil. PVC, made to withstand typical wear. We have had many customers use jackstands for long term storage. We have found that as long as the CarCapsule/ShowCase is placed on a clean, level surface, there has rarely been an issue. If there should happen to be a tear to the base mat, a simple patch will be a quick fix and won’t hinder the CarCapsule’s performance. Keep in mind some jack stands have rounded bases, whereas some have sharp bases, as a safeguard, the use of half-inch plywood at each stand would probably be a good base to set the stands on to avoid any tears to the base mat.”

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