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Every once in a while, a tool comes along and saves the day.

Lisle’s Windshield Wiper Arm Puller is one of those tools.

It works similar to a pulley removal device—simply slide the tool’s adjustable arms behind the wiper arm, then spin the large threaded adjustment nut to secure the tool’s arms.

To begin the removal process, spin the T-handle on the threaded shaft clockwise. That action will pull the wiper arm off of its mounting shaft and, voila, your wiper arm is pulled off without damage or colorful language.

But ironically, removing windshield wiper arms is not what makes this wiper arm removal tool so darn magical.

As we mentioned above, it’s essentially a really small pulley removal tool. That means it can be used for dozens of different tasks around the house.

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Fix RC cars, model trains, or anything with electric motors? This can help remove small, fragile gears from their shafts.


The tool is handy for a lot of odd jobs, like removing battery terminals. (Image/Lisle)

Got a washer or bushing that’s corroded onto a bolt? Yep, this can do the job without damaging the bolt’s threads.

How about seized solenoid plunger? Use it to apply gentle pressure to get it unstuck–no hammer shock to harm the solenoid housing.

Are your car battery cables corroded onto the terminals? This’ll pop ’em right off.

The Lisle Windshield Wiper Arm Puller is the perfect example of the right tool for the job and, for the price, adding it to your toolbox is a no-brainer.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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