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Spy Shots: Mid-Engined 2020 Corvette?


(Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)

OK, so General Motors, maybe even Chevrolet, is building what appears to be a mid-engined supercar.

We’ve teased some spy shots before.

So far however, nobody has officially called it a Corvette—heck, by the time it reaches production, it could just as easily be called a Fiero.

But we’re pretty confident now that this mid-engined beast will wear the crossed-flags of the C8 Corvette generation, one way or another.

Further details that may cement the Corvette lineage is that this new car will be made in GM’s Bowling Green, KY assembly plant. (That’s the same factory that has built every Corvette since 1981.)

The rumor mill has been churning out plenty of gossip on the new ‘Vette, and its prospective powerplants have ranged from the familiar 6.2L LT1 to Cadillac’s all-new twin-turbo 4.2L V8. (You can read more about the Cadillac motor in the official Cadillac press release.)

This article from SEMA reports that GM has also successfully trademarked the name “E-Ray,” which would seem to imply that an electric Corvette may be coming too. Whether that’s a hybrid or fully-electronic model is anyone’s guess.

Will this new car be poised to take on Ford’s GT? Our fingers are crossed for a mid-engined chapter in the GM/Ford rivalry.


(Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)

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