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Parts Bin: Oval Exhaust Tubing from Vibrant Performance

For many cars and trucks, installing a performance exhaust system with large-diameter tubing is no big deal.

But if you’ve got a slammed hot rod or track-hugging race car, fitting big exhaust pipes under your car can cause major headaches with ground clearance.

Oval exhaust tubing is a great solution for folks who want to fit a performance exhaust system with large OD tubing in their vehicles without sacrificing a low ride height in the process.

Vibrant Performance makes oval exhaust tubing in 3-inch, 3.5-inch, and 4-inch diameters.

That’s pretty darn big and, thanks to the oval shape of the tubing, it’s easier to tuck up the exhaust sections closer to the vehicle’s chassis than traditional round exhaust pipe.

Vibrant’s oval tubing is made from T304 stainless steel. For those without academic degrees in metallurgy, that means its got a high chromium and nickel content which makes it very resistant to corrosion caused by the acidic, high-temperature environment exhaust system’s create.

If you’re building a custom exhaust system, Vibrant has got a series of mandrel-bent angle sections (45- and 90-degrees) to eliminate a lot of the tricky fabrication.

You can also pick up adapters from Vibrant, to help you transition easily from round-to-oval exhaust tubing, and back again.

Oval exhaust tubing can be welded or installed with V-band clamps, just as you would with traditional round tubing.


You can get oval exhaust tubing in many common sizes, and adapters allow for easy fitment to a round inlet/outlet for your headers or mufflers. (Image/Vibrant Performance)

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