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Parts Bin: ARB LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface

(Image/ARB USA)

If your vehicle is loaded to the gills with accessories, then your dashboard probably looks like it’s out of an Apollo Command Module.

ARB’s got a slick new LINX interface system that lets you move all of those switches and buttons to a simple touchscreen interface about the same size as a smartphone.

Tailor made for off-roading and overlanding, the LINX interface allows you to control vehicle components like air lockers, regulate on-board air compressors for your tires or suspension, and turn off/on electrical accessories, including fog lights or auxiliary lights.

What’s even cooler is ARB’s LINX system has a built-in speedometer that can correct for oversize tires or gear changes. It also functions as a battery monitor, so you won’t sweat running low on juice while you’re powering a lot of electrical accessories.


The kit includes the touchscreen display, plus the electrical interface, and mounting hardware and wiring to get it installed. (Image/Summit Racing)

ARB made the LINX system upgradable and expandable, so you can take advantage of new features that are currently under development. You can update the LINX with a wireless Internet connection.

The display is customizable, so you have easier access to the functions you use the most. All-in-all, the LINX system looks to be a smart way to de-clutter your dash, while giving you better control of your vehicle accessories.

You can download a operating manual and owner’s guide from ARB’s website to learn more, and check out this video that ARB made to see the LINX in action.

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