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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control the color of your vehicle’s LED lighting via your smartphone?

Hella thinks so, which is probably why its line of ValueFit Northern Lights LED lighting allows you to do just that.

Using Hella’s own Android- or iPhone-compatible “LEDble” app, you can change the color of your ValueFit Northern Light LED lights to virtually any shade you can think of.

You can synchronize any Northern Lights together, and even synchronize them to music.

LEDble is available for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android phones.

Hella’s ValueFit Northern Lights Series lights come in three basic styles:

They can be tucked in places like your door sills, wheel wells, or step bars.

If you buy the lights individually, you’ll need to also buy the controller to make these lights interact with your smartphone. There are also handy rocker combo, cube combo, and light bar combo kits available that have practically everything you’ll need to install your lights.

NOTE: These lights are for off-road use only. 

Want to see them in action? Hella’s got a nice video for you. Bonus points for the pop-punk background music.

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