Installing a car cover sounds easy, right?

Of course it does—if you’ve never done it before.

But once you unpack the thing and start spreading several feet of cover material across the hood of your car, you’ll realize that it’s not as straightforward as it seems (especially if you’re doing it alone).

The fine folks at Covercraft made a quick walkthrough video that will highlight some of the stuff you may not be expecting, so you won’t risk damaging your vehicle’s finish or the car cover itself.

The video address important points like how to install the grommet for your radio antenna, and how to remove the cover without letting it fall to the ground.

It’s a good watch, particularly if you store your vehicle for long periods of time.

Check it out:

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Author: Paul Sakalas

Paul is the editor of OnAllCylinders. When he's not writing, you'll probably find him fixing oil leaks in a Jeep CJ-5 or roof leaks in 1972 Corvette ragtop. Thanks to a penchant for vintage Honda motorcycles, he spends the rest of his time fiddling with carburetors and cleaning chain lube off his left pant leg.