Considering swapping a modern electronically-controlled automatic transmission into an older vehicle? FiTech’s got a product that you should probably check out.

At the 2017 SEMA show, FiTech introduced its new Go Shift Trans Control. It is a standalone electronic transmission controller system that allows you to adjust shift points and firmness, plus calibrate your speedometer for different tire sizes or gearing. It can also operate your reverse lights and will accept inputs from paddle shifters.

Go Shift Trans Control is a perfect solution for engine/transmission retrofits, especially if you plan on mating a modern transmission to a carbureted engine (or one with an EFI system that doesn’t have electronic transmission controls).

Go Shift Trans Control is compatible with the following transmissions:


  • 4L60E
  • 4L65E
  • 4L80E
  • 4L85E


  • 4R70W
  • AODE

We caught up with the FiTech gang during the 2017 SEMA show to get a rundown on some of the Go Shift Trans Control’s features. Check it out:

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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