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Buyer’s Guide: 11 Excellent Hotrod T-Shirts for Ladies


WARNING: While men’s T-shirts are often cited and thought of as the most versatile, comfortable and useful items in our wardrobes, it’s totally possible that you are dating, or are married to, (or are otherwise buying gifts for) a woman who thinks less of T-shirts than you do.

She might prefer a more “sophisticated” look. (In which case, you could always roll with a ladies’ tuxedo shirt. Yes, they’re a thing.)

Or perhaps her interests draw her to apparel that doesn’t have hotrod-driving rats, Lethal Angel skulls, or any sort of automotive or performance brand displayed on them.

It’s important to keep these sorts of things in mind, especially if buying for a significant other who might not share your enthusiasm for your automotive obsessions.

But as one of our female compatriots wisely, or perhaps harshly, observed: “If she doesn’t respect the things that matter to you, then you shouldn’t be with her anyway!”

We can’t help you with your relationship issues.

We can only help you give awesome ladies T-shirts to your favorite awesome ladies, thanks to our friends at Summit Racing Gifts, Clothing and Memoribilia.

Here are 11 of our favorite options.

Holiday Gift Guide: Hotrod Ladies T-Shirts

Lethal Angel Lace Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Lethal Angel lace ladies t-shirt

Ford Genuine Parts V8 Shirt

ford V8 ladies t-shirt

Summit Racing® V-Neck T-Shirt

summit racing ladies v-neck t-shirt

Vintage Camaro Girl T-Shirt

vintage camaro girl t-shirt

Rat Fink Pinstriper Burnout T-Shirt

rat fink burnout ladies t-shirt

Lethal Angel Ain’t No Princess T-Shirt

lethal angel ain't no princess t-shirt

MotorGirl Custom Trademark T-Shirt

motorgirl custom trademark t-shirt

Summit Racing® Varsity T-Shirt

summit racing ladies varsity t-shirt

Always Wanted a Pony Mustang T-Shirt

always wanted a pony mustang ladies t-shirt

Pontiac Firebird Phoenix Muscle Car Wraparound T-Shirt

pontiac firebird ladies t-shirt

Lethal Angel Burnout Skull T-Shirt

lethal angel burnout ladies t-shirt

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