Signs are like the duct-tape of the gift world. There are so many options, styles, and themes to choose from, you’ll have no problem fixing holes in your shopping list with them.

Got a friend who is obsessed with Greek mythology, a kid brother who loves dinosaurs, or an Aunt that collects teddy bears? Yeah, there’s a tin sign to cover them.

We picked out a dozen signs that caught our eye in the Gifts, Clothing, and Memorabilia section of Summit Racing’s website.

Maybe one will work for someone you’re shopping for. If not, no sweat. Summit Racing only has, like, a bazillion more to choose from.

And if signs aren’t your thing, you can also check out die-cast models, t-shirts, hats, toys, holiday decor, and more from our friends in Summit Racing’s magical gift shop.

Stooges Knucklehead Garage Steel Sign

3 Stooges Sign

Personalized Double-Sided Garage Sign with Bracket

Personalized Garage Sign

Corrugated Flag Metal Sign

American Flag Sign

Bar Lighted Marquee Sign

Lighted Bar Sign

Route 66 Lighted Motorcycle Metal Sign

Hurst Floor Shift Round Sign

Ford Mustang LED Backlit Sign

Fife Security Sign

Fife Security Sign

Harley-Davidson® #1 Embossed Skull Sign

Jeep LED Backlit Sign

Jeep LED Sign

Tiki Bar LED Sign

Tiki Bar LED Sign

Chevy Genuine Parts Neon Sign

Chevy Neon Sign
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Author: Paul Sakalas

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