LAS VEGAS, NV — You might be wondering: Have I seen photos of every vehicle at the 2017 SEMA Show?

The definitive answer is: No. No person lacking the supernatural gift of omnipresence ever has. They tuck these things into every nook and cranny of the Las Vegas Convention Center, including manufacturer booths and random convention-hall corridors you didn’t know existed.

Anyway. You get it. There are a lot of super-nice cars. Exotic Lambos worth more than your life drive by you while you’re walking to restaurants that serve delicious beverages and tacos, and to watch the World Series, and don’t even bat an eye at the high-dollar supercar rolling by.

SEMA’s great unintentional crime is temporarily desensitizing you to awesome vehicles. We won’t hold that against them.

But, hey. Maybe you weren’t there.

And that’s exactly what this photo gallery is for. If you love nice cars, the SEMA Show will leave you making the same face as Muscle Shirt Guy in this first photo:

NOTE: Nothing in history has ever made maroon look as good as it does here. Love this.

NOTE: This car. Goodness. It’s like Michelangelo, himself, painted it. It’s all kinds of awesome.


NOTE: We’re really sorry about the poor image quality here because this car is phenomenal and we want it. A lot.

NOTE: This is the Corvette that now-paralyzed Sam Schmidt, the former Indy Car racer, drives exclusively through head movements and blowing into a straw with the help of Arrow Electronics’ amazing tech. RAD.

NOTE: This bad boy was in the movie “Furious 7.” You probably remember seeing it.


(All Images/OnAllCylinders)

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