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Ford Performance Parts Buyers Guide for 2015-17 Mustang (S550)

It’s hard to believe, but the S550 Mustang (2015-17 Mustang) has now been in production for more than three years.

That means more and more sixth-generation ‘Stangs from the 2015 model year will be coming off leases and out of warranty. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on an S550 (or hop up the one you already have), now may be the perfect time to start considering your performance and handling upgrade options.

Fortunately, the Ford performance experts on the aptly named Ford Performance Parts team (formerly Ford Racing Performance) have developed a staggering array of go-fast parts and accessories for the S550 Mustang. According to aftermarket parts king Summit Racing, these are some of the most popular 2015-17 Mustang parts available.

Ford Performance Parts Boss 302 5.0L Modular Intake Manifold


Put the same intake manifold on your Mustang that comes as original equipment on the Mustang Boss 302, 302S and 302R race cars. Ford Performance Parts’ Boss 302 5.0L modular intake manifold is made from high-quality composite materials and features a huge plenum coupled with short, straight runners, for increased airflow at upper rpm levels without sacrificing low-end torque.

Ford Performance Parts X-Pipes


Ford Performance Parts makes it easy to swap out your factory H-pipe for an efficient X-pipe. Simply cut the factory exhaust clamp on a Ford Performance Parts X-pipe—no welding required. Made from stainless steel, these pipes are built to deliver years of great performance.

Ford Performance Parts Lowering Spring Kits

Ford Performance Parts’ lowering spring kits will give your S550 Mustang that low “aero” look and improved handling. The kits come with revised-rate front and rear springs that lower the car and tighten up the handling.

Ford Performance Parts 5.0L/5.2L Coyote Oil-Air Filter


Specifically designed and engineered for Ford Coyote engines, this oil/air separator kit features a precision-molded canister with unique filter media that separates oil vapor from the air in the PCV system. OEM-quality hoses and fittings are used to facilitate a high-quality installation and function. The canister is located on the right front (passenger side) of the engine.

Ford Performance Parts 2015-17 Mustang GT Power Pack 2 Performance Packages

Ford Performance Parts offers performance packages in a variety of “performance levels” for 2015-17 Mustang GT. Power Pack 2 Performance Packages use Ford proprietary software with calibrations available for manual and automatic transmissions. This level allows gear ratio changes up to 4.09:1 and creates power gains up to 21 horsepower and 24 ft.-lbs. of peak torque. The package includes a GT350 cold air intake with open air filter and a 87mm throttle body for drastically increase airflow.

Ford Performance Parts Strut Tower Braces

Stiffen your vehicle’s chassis, increase handling, and get a more positive steering feel with high-quality steel strut tower braces. They’re designed to clear all production and many aftermarket components, are E-coated to resist corrosion, and are available in several finishes.

Ford Performance Parts 8.8 IRS Loaded Differential Housings

Who knows your Mustang better than the maker? Ford Performance Parts has created differential housings that are the perfect replacement for the original in your manual, or a great upgrade to the cast aluminum model in your automatic. These 8.8 IRS housings are fully loaded with forged, and CNC-cut gear sets installed and feature strong cast-iron construction topped with an aluminum differential cover.

Ford Performance Half Shaft Upgrade Kits


A must for your 2015 and later model Mustang, Ford Performance Parts half shaft upgrade axles deliver a robust drivetrain solution to support the higher torque loads of your modified S550. They feature larger-than-stock diameters, proprietary materials, and CNC-machining for maximum strength. Their anti-wheel hop technology will help put more of your Mustang’s power to the pavement.

Ford Performance Parts 2015-17 Mustang GT 670HP Supercharger Kits


This might be the ultimate upgrade to your 2015-17 Mustang.

Ford Performance Parts 2015-17 Mustang GT 670 HP supercharger kits have been developed with Rousch Performance to produce a whopping 670 horsepower using approximately 9 psi of boost with 93 octane fuel. They feature a 2.3L Twin Vortices supercharger (TVS) assembly using the latest TVS technology. Ford Performance Mustang GT 670 HP supercharger kits include the lower intake manifold, twin 60mm electronic throttle body, an air inlet system, 47 lbs./hr., 6-hole, high-impedance fuel rails and injectors, and an air-to-liquid intercooler system.

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