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Video: New QA1 Ford Mustang K-Member Offers Major Advantages Over Factory Parts

Listen to QA1’s Dave Kass demonstrate how QA1’s new K-Member for Fox-Body and SN95 Ford Mustangs (model years 1979-2004) provide enormous performance advantages and project flexibility over the factory K-Members.

The new QA1 Mustang K-Members are constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel, and weigh half as much as the factory K-Members and take up much less room.

QA1 used geometry and thoughtful design to optimize these for a one-inch-lowered ride. The design dramatically improves anti-dive during hard braking, eliminating a bunch of negative camber and nose dive.

The new rack and pinion pickup points are helpful because, depending on a potential engine swap, clearance issues, including with the oil pan, can come into play. The adjustable rack and pinion pickup points allow you to position the rack in different locations which serves almost like a bump steer kit to accommodate your individual build.

Learn more by watching the video now:

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