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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying 1958-’70 Chevrolet Impalas

The Chevrolet Impala has been produced off and on since 1958.

We are currently in the 10th generation of the popular make and model, and in its third continuous production run which began in 2000 after a four-year hiatus.

We’ll be saving the late-model Impala Ride Guides for some future OnAllCylinders article, and taking this opportunity to focus in on the golden years of this iconic automobile and popular hot rod.

The first four generations of the Chevy Impala stretched from the vehicle’s 1958 launch through model-year 1970.

The early Impalas are gorgeous pieces of automotive art—particularly the 1961 Bubbletop, which looks like magic.

Use this Ride Guide as a vehicle identification chart and, with a little practice, you’ll be able to nail down the year of every early Impala you see. Be sure to check out our other Ride Guides to ID many other classic vehicles as well.


Vehicle Identification Chart for Chevy Impalas 1958-1970

(Infographic by Lori Sams)

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