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Considering used tires over new tires can be a dicey proposition.

That’s why state legislatures in New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas are considering bills to ban the sale of unsafe used tires, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

The legislation basically conforms to recommendations by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, which backs the efforts to declare unsafe, used tires unfit for road use. However, the details of the bills vary by state.

The Ohio and New Jersey bills agree that all tires showing less than 2/32- inch of tread (the New Jersey bill says 1/16th inch), have visible damage, have repairs in the sidewalls or belt edge areas, have punctures larger than 1/4-inch, have defaced identification numbers or show signs of temporary sealant use must not be offered for sale as used tires.

The Texas bill defines an unsafe tire as having a tread depth of less than 1/16-inch, a localized bald spot that exposes the tire ply or cord, has been re-grooved below the original groove depth, has had a temporary repair or has worn tread wear indicators that contact the road in any two adjacent major grooves in the center of the tire.

You can read more on these legislative efforts in this Tire Business article.

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