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Video: Introduction to NotcHead Line Clamps

Running and securing new hard and soft lines for automotive plumbing has never been easier.

Enter NotcHead, maker of clamps that mount to your frame or inner body panels and allow for quick snap-in, snap-out installation of brake, fuel, and air-conditioning lines, heater hose, and any other hard or soft lines.

In this video, custom builder Tim Divers will demonstrate how NotcHead line mounting clamps are safe on automotive paint, eliminate the need for Z-bends to adjust for fittings, and how the NotcHead crew is constantly on the hunt for new applications for hard line clamps and soft line clamps.

Check out this short video to learn more about NotcHead line and hose clamps:

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  1. alton gorda says:

    my 1975 to 1980 triumph tr7s have this type of line holders , they have a insert into frame rail , then the line clamp has a pin that pushes into it to hold lines secure, they have single to multiple line holders, so this is not new,, maybe just better with newer better material, mine are plastic type material that gets brittle with age

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