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Video: How to Assemble PTFE Braided Hose for Fuel Lines

With corrosion from oxygenated pump fuel wreaking havoc on automotive plumbing systems, car owners and auto techs are turning to more durable line solutions like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) braided hose.

It’s not overly difficult to assemble, but it helps to have the proper tools and instruction.

In today’s video, Summit Racing tech adviser Carl Pritts will introduce you to the three-piece fitting needed to properly assemble PTFE braided hose and hose ends, and walk you through the process of assembling your own PTFE braided hose.

Tools you’ll need:

With those tools and Pritts’ helpful instruction, you’ll be assembling custom-fit PTFE line in your build in no time.

Watch the video here:


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