In this video from Baileigh Industrial, master builder Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto will show you the ins and outs of Baileigh’s entry-level TN-250 hole saw tube notcher.

Versatility and adjustability are the hallmarks of this machine. It features a radial, self-centering capture vise which has a powerful screw with built-in handwheel that opens and closes the unique six radial clamping jaws. This design allows the vise to clamp tightly onto bent and straight tubes in any direction and hold them still to achieve the perfect cut.

The Baileigh TN-250 tube notcher can notch up to 2½ OD tubing and allows for steep angles as the hole saw can pivot up to 230 degrees. Fuller said it is one of the most versatile notching machines on the market, making it ideal for chassis and roll cage cutting and fabricating work.

Watch the video here: