Kevin Tetz is a certified auto body repair man, TV personality, and creator of the video series Paintucation. Tetz recently put together a series of short tech videos in conjunction with Summit Racing to share some of his paint and body secrets.

Okay, they’re not exactly secrets, but the videos will show you the right way to align body panels, repair fiberglass using a hammer and dolly, and more. It’s valuable information that will help you the next time you tackle bodywork or a paint job.

In today’s video, Tetz covers simple dent repair using a hammer and dolly. As you’ll see, all it takes are the right tools, a little bit of patience—and a few helpful tips.

If you want a complete paint and body education, we suggest heading getting Kevin Tetz’s Paintucation DVDs. They cover various topics in depth and are entertaining enough to keep you from dozing off like you did in auto shop class:

  • Paint Your Own Car shows you how to achieve a perfect paint job the first time you spray! Tetz takes you through a complete paint job with emphasis on the details and safety.
  • Body Shop Basics walks you through a simple repair, but gives a detailed explanation of every procedure from inspection to final finish prep. You’ll also get advice on troubleshooting, equipment selection, repair, and painting techniques.
  • Color Sanding and Buffing is a comprehensive look at the techniques to color sand and buff your new paint to a brilliant finish—and how to rescue an old finish.
  • Fiberglass Repair covers simple repairs and advanced projects, including full-panel replacement on a vintage Corvette. You’ll learn about gelcoats, composite materials, and how to avoid “The Itch.”
  • Body Panel Replacement guides you through replacing sheetmetal including welding, adhesives, full and partial panel replacement, rust removal, metal finishing, and more.
  • Metal Prep and Rust Repair shows you how to make patch panels, use a hammer and dolly, apply filler, block and resurface panels, and rust conversion.

Paint and body class is now in session.